2024 H-1B

H-1B Registration Services

H-1B Petition Services

Guide employer to register for organizational accounts, enter employees’ information for H-1B registration. 

Complimentary FEIN verification services for 1st time H-1B petitioner

Discuss and determine for H-1B position based on the job description, employee’s background, and offered salary

Submit Labor Condition Application (LCA), ensure compliance re LCA posting requirements

Complete H-1B petition forms and letter

Respond to RFE if applicable

Complimentary H-1B visa stamp guidance after approval

$300, will apply towards Attorney’s fees for H-1B Petition Services if selected in the lottery

$4,000, including RFE response

$3,000, not including RFE response, but if a RFE is issued and paid separately at a later time, $1,500 for the RFE response

Information needed for H-1B Registration



Legal Name of the Company

Doing Business As Name of the Company (if any)

Employer identification number (EIN)

Primary U.S. office address

Name, position, phone number and email of the Contact person of the Company

Full legal name

Gender (Male OR Female)

Date of Birth

Country of Birth

Country of Citizenship

Passport Number

Does the beneficiary have a master’s or higher degree from a U.S. institution of higher education such that the beneficiary is eligible for the advanced degree exemption under INA 214(g)(5)(C) and requesting consideration under the advanced degree exemption?

(List your degree, school and major names if you are not sure)

Information needed for H-1B Petition

  • Employer
    • (If it is the first time to apply for H-1B for an employee) FEIN Assignment Letter (a federal tax ID confirmation letter sent by the IRS, or a letter issued by other government or banking institutions that can confirm FEIN)
    • Basic company information such as name, DBA, year of establishment, address, phone number, number of employees, number of H1B/L1 employees, gross profit, net profit, contact information of the person in charge
    • Company business description
    • Company website, business profile, etc.
    • If the employer is a newly established company (<1 year), USCIS may require the company to provide:
      • Lease, rent receipt, proof that the company owns the office location, or, if sharing with other companies, the names of other companies and their relationship with the employer, as well as floor plans and photos of the company’s office space
      • Business license for the company’s location (generally registered in the city where the company is located, mainly to pay the city’s relevant operating taxes)
      • Business contracts, invoices, bills, bank statements, water and electricity bills and other documents proving that the company is actually operating
      • Quarterly wage return report for the past year
      • Most recent federal tax return
      • Documents related to company establishment
      • If the company is newly formed and has no revenue yet, it can provide:
        • Product or business introduction and business plan
        • Efforts made to promote a product or business
        • Financing documents
        • Intellectual property certificates or papers and works related to products or business

  • Employee
    • Name, previous names, contact information, address, overseas address, SSN, city of birth and date of birth
    • Passport information page, visa page, entry stamp page
    • I-94
    • Past I-20s
    • Copy of front and back of EAD cards
    • Relevant supporting documents for current immigration status, such as J1/2 waiver, approval notices for current status, etc.
    • Most current resume
    • Diploma
    • Transcripts
    • If you have used or are currently using OPT/STEM OPT, prepare to collect and organize:
      • Offer letter, paystubs, employment termination letter, Form 9089
      • Proof of job and professional relevance
      • Start and end dates for each job
    • If you have used or are currently using CPT, prepare to collect and organize:
      • Offer letter, paystubs, employment termination letter
      • Proof of job and professional relevance
      • Start and end dates for each job
      • Cooperation agreement between school and company
      • Syllabus of CPT Courses
      • CPT degree descriptions
      • Proof of attendance at school such as student card, tuition payment records, transcripts