Based in Silicon Valley, California, YC Law Group is a general practice firm, dedicated to providing high quality and effective legal services to individual and corporate clients.

[Notice regarding Covid-19]
Both of our attorneys were fully vaccinated as of May 11, 2021.  But we continue to work remotely at the moment.  Most of our services can be done virtually.
Contact Information
Phone number: (408) 6147199
Email: lyao@yclawgroup.com (Attorney Linan Yao), zchang@yclawgroup.com [Attorney Zhengyan (Zoey) Chang]
WeChat ID: yclawgroup
Check Attorneys’ calendars and book appointments
We accept payments through checks, wire transfer, paypal, venmo, chase quickpay, etc.
Both corporate and immigration documents can be signed electronically.  For estate planning matters, once the documents are completed, we need to meet in person to execute the documents in front of a Notary Public.
We encourage you to use the above methods to get in touch with us.  We also wish everyone stay safe and sound.